Warm Welkom @Stuurkunst Become a master of your mind

Warm Welkom @Stuurkunst to Become a Master of your Mind


Stuurkunst is a Dutch word meaning 'Steering_Art'

Balanced Heart

Heart Rate Variability

Soma Breathwork

Reduce Stress
Be more efficient with Oxygen


Strengthen the Body - Mind connection

Put something different on your Bow,
to set sail a New Course

Once, the Homo Sapien capacity for ordered thought was our greatest asset. It was our best means for survival. It is the very reason we have made it to where we are today. Read that sentence again. Has that fact become our downfall as a species?

Most people are experiencing their life through a trance-like state. We are asleep. Day by day our lives pass us by and we only start pursuing our passions when we reach retirement. We are largely aware that we are doing this, but how do we stop? When the pressure to fit in has become so high, when we are told only to share our best moments with others and hide our fears, insecurities, and even our true feelings. Expression is muted. Authentic expression is discouraged.

But now It’s time for us to wake up!

We live in a time where we desperately need creative minds and visionaries to join forces and solve the immense problems that face humanity. We need brilliant minds more than ever. We all have one, but we don’t all use it.

There is an ancient secret that we have misinterpreted, forgotten, and disregarded. It lies inside every single one of us for as long as we are alive. That secret? Your Breath……!

Soma Benefits:

 Be more efficient in using Oxygen

 Improvement in connection & balance between body and mind

 Increased your cardiovascular health

 Improving your Heart Rhythm Variability. the measurable time goes up

 Reduce inflammation by boosting your immune system

 Easily reach a deep state of Meditation

 you train the body to better cope with stress


Through Knowledge comes Understanding,

but through Experience Comes Awakening


My name is Olaf, married and 2 Beautiful daughters. In 25 years at sea I have seen the world around and probably I've been to place close by you.
I am Master to my mind and in my job, back & forward, forward & back...

Yes, you read that right. In addition to my Soma Breathwork, I am doing a totally other job as a navigator/captain in maritime shipping. In my growth the last decade I found out that I am good in steering ship's & mind, hence the link with stuurkunst (=the art of steering).

A part of my life journey into personal growth:
Due to a busy lifestyle & the way of thinking I created my own Burn Out in 2012, and afterwards almost entirely caused by myself. The period after this has shaken me up completely, my personal development led into achieving a Master Practitoner degree in NLP. And I am still awaking & learning every day

"Just as seawater is always in motion, also growth never stops."

I integrated in my life the following pillars: the power of the Silence & Now of Eckhart Tolle, the Coldness by Wim Hof, the Breathing of Soma Breath.

my personal heroes are Deepak Chopra, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Pilarczyk, Niraj Naik, Steven Whitney & Robin Stevens.

I am Practitioner in Meditation, Keto, Yoga, Cycling, Walking. Loving my family.

Just be aware of my unconscious so that I can feel Good for no reason. Everything is mindset & perception, everything is achievable, hoist the sails and chart a new course!

Based on the philosophy: 'Knowledge is power, but only if you can share it', I have therefore set up Stuurkunst Soma Breathwork in addition to sailing as steeringsman in maritime shipping.
The term 'Art of Steering' is something I subconsciously apply many times a day in different areas; Nautical, Cognitive, Mediator, Social, Philosophical, Holistic ...

'If you want to sail a ship just call in a few men & women together, put out the work & hand out direct orders ..... or instead you can also learn them to longing for the enormous endless beautiful sea ... . "

I have learned the philosophy of letting go your limiting habits, emotions & thoughts. How to become aware of your patterns, and how to break them apart and solve it.

Become a Master of your own soul, or stay in my nautical terms; be the Captain of your own mind.

If you leave cloudy water alone, it becomes clear you get something new ahead it becomes lighter you see a deeper depth it goes silent you will get answers automatically you will find out there is more the mist disappears you take a different approach after a while you'll see the depth the tide will turn you sail on your own compass get ride off the fog you will get your destination you get relief

In 2019 I followed in the wake of breathwork by the Wim Hof Method (WHM)

Quickly I noticed the benefits of breathwork, positive change in Body and Mind.

In my further deeping search I came across Soma Breath, the calmer tempo with the combination with beat driven music caught me immediately.
The pleasure, excitement & growth from the awakening sessions I can still experience today.

So I became a Soma Awakening Instructor to be the ultimate master for your self and surrounding.

Soma Breath offers a wide variety of breathing exercises. You will learn how to get really high with purely your own physical strength. Make a Connecting with your higher-self. It is a total  pleasure of enlightenment.

Soma Breath is a combination of Breathwork and Pranayama techniques, which are briefly summarized:

 Rhythmic breathing

Beat-driven music

Meditation by Breathing

Release of your own DMT, get high on your own supply

Curious? see the link to SomaBreath to set you free

Nemasté, Olaf

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